Where to Get Matched Betting Help

Whenever you are getting into a new hobby or business venture, it is expected that you will run into questions. And that is doubly true with something like matched betting where you are putting in your own money with the aim to get a reward.

Unfortunately, you can’t ask the bookie. They make a profit from customers losing money to them. Which isn’t going to happen with you. If you tell them you are signing up to do matched betting, they will probably ask you to close your account.

Luckily there are other places to turn. Since matched betting has become such a popular way to make extra cash around the world, forums and subscription services have been popping up everywhere. Where you can go and ask other, more experienced matched betters for advice.

Possibly the best advice about how to begin and succeed in matched betting, however, will come from online websites created by those who have found success in the venture.

Below are three websites that feature a great deal of information that will be beneficial to you starting out.

1. Oddsmonkey 

Oddsmonkey is a great resource for those who are new to the matched betting scene. It costs £15 a month but in exchange, you get step-by-step tutorials on how to get started and a detailed list of offers to sign up to.

There are also tutorials designed to help you find more “free money” offers after the initial sign up promotional dollars have already been depleted. This website is considered by many to be the “ultimate tutorial” on navigating the world of matched betting successfully.

Because you are paying for the service, there is also a customer service representative that will help you with any questions.

Oddsmonkey also has a forum full of successful matched betting experts.  Contributing to the community and helping new people get started in the game. So you can’t go wrong.

2. Money Saving Expert Forum

Is a great free forum that is full of new matched betters. It is not as advanced as the community on Oddsmonkey, but they are still very knowledgeable.

The only problem is that they can sometimes be condescending and rude to people asking what they consider to be stupid questions. Be sure to use the search function to see if someone has asked your question recently.

3. Save The Student

Has a great feature for matched betting. The belief is that students are never without a need for extra cash. And what better way for a student of legal betting age have to make money than through matched betting? The matched betting social scene on this site is vastly comprised of young people who have come into the hobby as a means of making money while crunched for time. It is still good but you won’t find any professionals or really experienced posters.


Be wary of online tutorials. A lot of matched betting veterans are happy to give advice for free, but there is also a lot of misinformation out there. With something so valuable it is often worth the investment to sign up to a professional service like Oddsmonkey.

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